Saturday, July 18, 2009

Get Thee To Reykjavik

Iceland has been at the top of my places to visit list for a couple years now, but on this less than stellar Saturday night in Cow Town (detoxing and being broke does not a wicked party night make) I stumbled across yet another reason to get there, and get there fast! Reykjavik Looks is a blog in the vein of The Sartorialist, in the sense that it is straight forward images of exceptional street style. But, while The Sartorialist jets around the globe (and many a fashion week) to find his subjects, whomever is running Reykjaviklooks seems to have all the talent they need in a city of 120,000. These images have led me to believe two things about the geothermal nation. 1.) 99% of the population could be international models and 2.) They all have overactive fashion senses. Take a look and judge for yourself (cause I'm a sucker for a folkloric cape).  

Ummmm....AMAZING. This looks like my kind of town, and I'm not even taking into account the stunning Scandinavian architecture and landscapes. So, who's with me for Reykjavik 2010?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


At Tuesday's MLB All-Star game (that's baseball folks) not only did Barack Obama throw the opening pitch, but nine time Grammy award winner Sheryl Crow sang a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. So who pray tell was on hand to represent the true north during Oh Canada you ask? NO ONE! It was a freaking canned karaoke track! To this I say the following:

Dear America, 
We know that you feel that baseball is "your sport", but please don't forget that  two nations compose the major leagues teams. Next year, at the very least, we will expect you to fly in KD Lang, Anne Murray or even a Canadian Idol finalist to belt out our tune. Or better yet, why not have whichever bombshell that you are paying thousands of dollars to sing both songs? We know it's a challenge to learn all those new words, but as long as you don't have one of the Simpson sisters do it everything should be fine. On second thought, why don't you get Ashlee to pre-record it and perform one of her now rousing lip syncing jig routines? We won't even complain if FOX edits it out of the broadcast as usual—it's the thought that counts after all.

Sincerely, Your Devoted Neighbour (yes we spell it with a u up here),

No Use Crying Over No No Doubt

It's a slightly sad day in the neighbourhood for me today as my favourite band (god it's been almost 15 years now!) No Doubt is playing for the first time in Calgary. I was even offered pre-sale tickets through my peeps at Live Nation (they know the depth of my love) but just as with Coldplay last month, I just couldn't cough up nearly $100 to see an act I have already seen live twice (I don't understand tickets that cost more than $45), plus no one else in Cow Town seems to share my adoration of the skarific quartet. So here I sit on my couch, blogging and watching So You Think You Can Dance instead of rocking out with Gwen and the boys. The only thing that stopped the depression from sinking in was remembering that this time around I actually got to speak to the band, including Gwen and baby Kingston, about touring after a ten year hiatus. Now, I'm not saying that it's better than the concert, but it does help ease the pain. It was easily the most surreal experience of my life to date (dreams really do come true it seems) so thank goodness I have the audio files to prove that it actually happened....just wish I could figure out how to post it!?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stampede Roundup Y'all

Oh my goodness, I am now officially on day three of my post stampede detox. Definitely need to drag my sorry ass (and desperately deprived chi) to yoga tomorrow, but the nutrients from the whole foods and gallons of water and green tea are already making the world of difference—thank sweet baby Jebus cause there were some rough mornings (more like afternoons) during the ten days of sponsored debauchery. Rich and Mikey made the pilgrimage for the first weekend and we had a stellar time, so here are some highlights of our experiences.

Betty frickin' Crocker right here! Would you believe I even made the plate? The boys arrival cupcakes...Richy said he liked purple.

Started things off with a delicious sangria party. Clearly I'm excited about the boys' arrival, or maybe it has something to do with the fact we had to take 20 pictures to get one with Richard's eyes open?

Let the debauchery begin! First night on the town and we did it right (the Britney Spears top knot almost ensures a good time) if you look carefully you can see our delicious KD dinner pot still on the stove.

Lights out for Mr. Bailey. He was dead to the world until Mike and I arrived home with the pizza, then all of the sudden a second wind hit.

After a brief rest it was Pancake Kegger time. Due to me never learning my lesson about pacing myself the night before (I was not alone this time) we missed the actual pancakes, but a venti Starbucks iced coffee and a couple red eyes (hooray for clamato juice) the over smile was back in place.  

Somehow a finger mustache trend was started. I'm personally all about it, it adds a little something.

Party bus time! This is who we will now and forever refer to as Evil Gilly (I hope you can see that crazy look in her eyes?). Let's just say she had a fondness for looking people in the eyes and then proceeding to pour her drink in their lap. Backpacked around the globe with the woman and have never seen her in such fine (see. terrifying) form.

Two of Evil Gilly's unsuspecting victims. I have a picture of Lindsay's crotch post beer dunk, but I didn't think she would appreciate it posted on the interwebs!

Things after the Cowboys patio got too messy to document...I kid, I just stopped taking pictures until the next day, but picture a freak thunder storm and an impromptu Beyonce inspired dance party plus the birth of Mean Spirited Drunk Richy. He even hated the people on tv once we got home! 

Who goes to a wine tasting at the Stampede you ask? WE DO!!! After watching a few good RomComs and seeing a wicked cool Joshua Radin/Xavier Rudd concert we were ready to head to the grounds. Wine seemed much more palatable than more beer and learned a few things to boot.

We watched the Chuck Wagon races (wagering drinks was the best idea ever!) and then caught a glimpse of The Great Big Show, hence our shocked and amazed faces. 

Then off to Nashville North for one last round of ridiculousness. Nothing else I can say about that evening except that I picked the boys up two hot German girls and then before I knew it it was 6:30 a.m. and there was yet another dance party at my place...or maybe that was just me? 
Had a sensational time with my beloved boys and hope they plan to make it a tradition. You own the cowboy hats now, so you might as well use them once a year right!? I might have nursed my liver back to health by then.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yet Another Reason Why Sweden Rules

Spontaneous Dancing Michael Jackson Tribute! That is all I have to say...just watch.