Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Use Crying Over No No Doubt

It's a slightly sad day in the neighbourhood for me today as my favourite band (god it's been almost 15 years now!) No Doubt is playing for the first time in Calgary. I was even offered pre-sale tickets through my peeps at Live Nation (they know the depth of my love) but just as with Coldplay last month, I just couldn't cough up nearly $100 to see an act I have already seen live twice (I don't understand tickets that cost more than $45), plus no one else in Cow Town seems to share my adoration of the skarific quartet. So here I sit on my couch, blogging and watching So You Think You Can Dance instead of rocking out with Gwen and the boys. The only thing that stopped the depression from sinking in was remembering that this time around I actually got to speak to the band, including Gwen and baby Kingston, about touring after a ten year hiatus. Now, I'm not saying that it's better than the concert, but it does help ease the pain. It was easily the most surreal experience of my life to date (dreams really do come true it seems) so thank goodness I have the audio files to prove that it actually happened....just wish I could figure out how to post it!?

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