Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Artist Formerly Known As Cammy D

Speaking of goddesses, can we just take a moment to worship in the splendor that is Ms. Diaz photographed by the legendary Mario Testino and featured in the June issue of Vogue. There is something about Cameron for me that I just can't put my finger on. She is just a cool chick who is not afraid to be herself, even in the superficial world of Hollywood; and the girl gives good face! Unfortunately, the same praise cannot be given to the rest of the issue. A friend and colleague of mine recently criticized, not only Vogue, but a slew of June fashion mags on her blog,, for lacking editorial content and slapping together a cut-and-paste-job of product shots. To a certain extent I have to agree that this issue of Vogue was lacking the spark that makes the mag a true leader in the industry, but as we all know, it takes a boatload of money to produce such a product and when people aren't buying copies (ahem, Rita!) and advertisers can't afford to place ads what else can they do? Don't get me wrong, no one needs to feel too badly for Anna Wintour, she created her own elitist hell, but I do think that glossies are in a serious pickle here and I'm not sure they can get out of it without serious reinvention.
So, I guess the question becomes whether or not the publishing dinosaurs are willing to let go of the industry of the past and make the changes necessary to get readers back on board. And I'm not talking about cheap gimmicks like facebook pages and twitter accounts;who gives a rats ass what a newspaper columnist is thinking at any given time? Even if I did I wouldn't want it being sent to my phone. I'm talking about looking for original thought and content, rather than continually commissioning work from their pals. 
Cameron Diaz is a fascinating woman, so why am I still reading the same story about how great her laugh is and how she has an inner spirit? If the freshest idea Robert Sullivan can come up with is a two graph lead about what a sensational driver she is, then I'm afraid it's time Ms. Wintour searched out some fresh blood. I'm not saying that youth is the answer to the industry's problems, wisdom comes with age, but it's time to start thinking outside of the box—understandably a terrifying prospect for an institution like Vogue.    


  1. I agree with your topic here, but come on! Cameron Diaz? Something about her nauseates me, something I can't put my finger on... Yes, she isn't afraid to be herself but that's just because she loves herself too much. Stop laughing so loud, you sound like an ass. I'm pretty sure she is hugging herself in that last picture too. Gross!

  2. OMFG Danae, nearly lost bladder control laughing at that one! Tell us what you really how you think she looks like a little boy in a bathing suit. Self confidence, it's such a turnoff!

  3. As always, I'm late to the party...
    Appreciate the nod, P.I. !