Sunday, June 7, 2009

The End

I have been dreading this day for the last two months;I even started rationing my nightly reading pages when I reached book four. Last night I settled down, turned on the Kings of Leon album (they are the unofficial Twilight soundtrack) and breezed through the final 80 pages. Now it feels like the day after Christmas, when all the excitement and anticipation is over and your left with an empty and slightly anxious feeling. It's hard to believe I wasted so long resisting the phenom that is Twilight. I guess I just assumed it was only for young girls and that if hysteria followed it the quality just wouldn't be there. I was wrong. This hysteria is like the one that followed The Beatles (quality) rather than The Jonas Brothers (less than stellar). There's a story there I think—better pitch it to the boss lady on Monday. Until then, I will be in mourning over the end of my Twilight era. What the heck am I supposed to read now? 


  1. You're welcome...! And you laughed.... :P
    I put off reading the end for SO long!

    Did you know she started re-writing the saga from Edward's point of view, however, a friend that she gave the manuscript to posted it on the internet so she stopped writing! Sad day.

  2. You had mentioned that. That could have been really interesting, or really annoying, as I didn't really like the section from Jacob's POV in book 4. I hope she made a bundle on these babies cause she's never going to be able to follow them up with a different series.

    My favourite line is still about the V-neck shirt being a colossal tribute to Edward's face....Classic!

  3. That's what you get for being so smart. Go to art school and waft the fumes and you too can enjoy the series at your own leisure (sometimes even read the same chapter twice after losing your page). Think of how hard it will be for me to finish in about year from now! Thats three years in a Twilight relationship. It's going to be hard and I feel your pain.