Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look At You...You're Like A Sexy Little Weasel

Just got back from a long weekend jaunt to San Francisco with Kimmer. What a city! Didn't realize just how much I missed the ocean living in land-locked C-town, but now I know that I am a coastal girl at heart. Luckily, when it is time to set up shop in Australia the nation will be happy to comply with my need for beaches.
In the past, I have always been somewhat of a fly by the seat of my pants traveller, but for this trip (due to the limited time and popularity of the cities restaurants and bars) the Virgo/Editor in me took over and we were scheduled and booked into the city's hotspots weeks ahead of time. Usually I would have expected such preparations to backfire big time, but happily for us the weekend went off without a hitch! 
Also in the past, I have been a backpacker on a rather "limited" (see brokeass) budget, 
but this time around K and I were all about style. Champs (Veuve Clicquot, my personal fave) and Michael Kors all the way! Every night was a new round of cocktails, wines, and fine dining with some standouts being The Slanted Door, Town Hall and a particularly rowdy evening with our new friend, the ever creative flirt Jeffery Allen, at The Bubble Lounge. This boy wins the award for most creative pickup attempt hands down. His, "I'm here with my dad, but he's picking up. I'm Jeffery Allen, can I sit with you for a minute?" line was so refreshing we even gave him our real names. The outstanding quotes about resembling prom queens, zebras and even sexy weasels that followed have earned him a permanent place in my heart.
I cannot get over just how much better the shopping is south of the border. You would think there wouldn't be that much of a difference stateside, but once you  experience it, it's like
we are living in effing Siberia up here. Why do we even bother having department stores in Canada when they are never going to measure up to the mecca known as Nordstrom? I had always thought that Nordstrom was the be all end all of retail therapy—that was before I was introduced to the wonderful world of Bloomingdales. My certainty has now been shaken. Both retailers carry goods by my boy, Michael Kors, so it makes perfect sense that my best finds (men's wear inspired gold watch and an almost too hot to handle pair of caged heels) were by the American designer.
We certainly did the town right— Even a run in with food poisoning couldn't put a damper on the experience. So cheers to you K, can't wait to meet up in our next destination of choice for some more Champs and giggles.

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  1. Farbulous time. Very excited to make it a ritual!