Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Packing Procrastination

I'm heading back to Vancouver tomorrow for a few reasons, but most notably to attend the Western Magazine Awards (my awesome boss lady is receiving the lifetime  achievement award even though she is much too young for it). Such a weekend requires some pretty intense wardrobe options, which requires some pretty thorough  packing....which I hate! I've put it off for two nights now hoping inspiration would hit. I've cleaned my apartment, gone to get chinese food, pondered why there are peas in my wonton soup and  now here I am blogging about packing instead of actually packing (the image above is from my last trip to San Fran, don't be fooled into thinking I have accomplished something here). Even worse than packing for me, though, is unpacking. Usually my suitcase just sits in my living room until I have eventually used everything in the bag, approximately a month or two later. Oh goody, something more to look forward to once I finally do pack!

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