Saturday, June 6, 2009

Divine Intervention

I think I may need an intervention team. I was lured into The Core shopping centre on my way to work yesterday with the intention of finally buying a black silk blouse I had been stalking for a while. Unfortunately, once inside I was not able to resist the pull of my beloved Banana Republic (if you read my recent WWBC? Swerve article you understand how deeply committed Banana and I are to each other) so made a 
quick stop to check out the jewelry case. Happily, or perhaps unhappily, depending on perspective, there was a bit of a sale happening and I scored a stunning pair of drop earrings and this blinging braided gold beauty. 
Seems I have a bit of a Grecian goddess theme going on in my recent purchases from my turquoise (aka. Weezer Blue) silk cocktail dress chosen for The Western Magazine Awards coming up in Vancouver, to my Sienna/Jesus sandals from earlier in the week—must be a summer thing, although that is mighty wishful thinking considering it snowed here last night. Damn you Calgary! 

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