Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance? I'm Not So Sure

Alright, so I missed the last episode where they cut things down to the top 20, so maybe I'm missing a certain element of attachment, but I am less than impressed with this years crop of dancers. It's so ho hum this year, that I'm able to text and blog while watching. That never would have happened last year with Mark, Kherington (my absolute fave), Katie and Twitch on the scene (I actually didn't care too much for Joshua, but...he won, so what do I know?). 

What is outstanding so far this episode is the lovely Cat Deeley. This photo is an old one, but I assure you, her hair, her legs and her charm have never been in finer form.FLAWLESS. Gotta ask what's going with the wardrobe department though? Cat looks great in her Stella McCartney esque frock, but the dancers are looking ghetto minus the fabulous. Where did all the Gucci of seasons of yore go?

Let's just hope it's all up hill from here cause things are looking a bit rough—maybe this is the one show in the world that Canada can beat the States in production value? 

END NOTE: Now there we go! The tenth and final couple of the night finally brought the heat! Max and Kayla came out of nowhere and delivered the hottest samba maybe ever! I never would have picked them out of the crowd, but holly smokes, they are the couple to watch now. Outstanding! 

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