Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The World's Most Hated Bloom

Now I'm not saying I wouldn't slam the door if a date dared to show up with these—I'm more of an orchid or listhianthus kind of gal. But just this once, I decided to bypassed my usual fuchsia long-stems and  give the modestly priced carnations a try. Now don't delve too deeply into that 80's prom montage, just hear me out. As long as you steer clear of the pastels with babies breath and ferns and opt for a monochromatic arrangement in a modern vessel, I think funeral territory can be avoided, non? They are like a blanket or orange frills (forgive the amateur photography and take my word for it). Carnations, I salute you; now who's with me?   


  1. I'm sorry Megs, I simply cannot jump on the carnation bandwagon yet; I'm not yet convinced. They are the flower of death. Give me peonies, give me roses, give me orchids, but don't give me carnations.

  2. Ok I feel ya, you just can't embrace them quite yet. Orchids are great because the are architectural and they last, but you pay the price. Peonies are always my first choice they are like fluffy pink tutus, but they die in two days. I'm telling you pal, as long as you give the carnations modern accoutrements they look like something out of a MOMA exhibit. (I will show you the top shot...you WILL believe me, give it time).