Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lovely Lively

Those who know me will quickly agree that I am much more of a Blair than a Serena. Well maybe 
there is a small part of me in the "old Serena" with the martini swilling and scandalous behaviour? But, then again I am much more intregued by the Chucks of the world than by the Nates. 

So, understandably, I was slightly surprised
 as I was flipping through my stack of Vogues and had to stop and admirer the beauty that is Blake Lively—Holy smokes the girl gives good face. She even makes me give the St. Laurent jumpsuit a second glance, proving exactly why every designer would be lucky to have her in their duds. 

Once again it's photographer Mario Testino that we have to thank for these works of art, but Lively pulls off the old school glamour well. Normally it's her beachy boho hair that inspires my look (in fact she is the inspiration behind the do I have planned for the Western Mag Awards this weekend), but let's give credit where credit is do, the Veronica Lake waves suit her equally well. Now if only Vogue would get Testino to shoot Leighton for the cover they could really have my respect. This is what Vogue does so well; taking a starlet, transforming her look and putting them into an amazing photo shoot. This one is a little simpler than I normally like to see form them, but it still makes a visual impact—unlike the editorial content these days. 

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