Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey Daddio (And Marky)!

My pops and uncle mark made the pilgrimage to C-Town supposedly to visit me, but I was well aware that the true motivation of the road trip was to do some SERIOUS wine shopping. And shop they did—about nine cases worth. We had two great dinners together at St. Germain in the Hotel Arts and Mercato, which I have been waiting to visit since I moved here; I'm pretty sure their linguine with rock lobster has changed my life forever!
Sadly, the weekend flew by so fast and it was time for the boys to hit the road and me to get some serious writing done before going to press at work on Monday. By the looks of it, though, they will have a few souvenirs to remember me (and the trip, of course) by for a few years to come.


  1. That's what happens when Dal and Mark head to Alberta! Wine-ohs..

  2. So true! They better get on building themselves a proper cellar to store all of it. Particularly if they plan on making this an annual or biannual occurrence. Alberta's gotta be good for something right?