Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burn After Wearing?

So I took my biannual trip to the dry cleaner this morning (fledgling editor remember?)hoping to have the vodka-tonic spills (I know they weren't my doing, cause that were down the back!) cleaned off the silk dress I wore to my friend Laura' s wedding. The owner took one look at the beaded straps and told me they couldn't be dry cleaned. All my cocktail dresses are dry clean only, so I was flabbergasted and searched for the care instruction tag. On it read the following:

Do NOT Dry Clean
Do NOT Wash
Do NOT Iron
Do NOT Steam

Umm... WTF? Apparently Jones New York believes everyone should follow Madonna's lead and dispose of their clothes after a single wear. If that's the case I'm gonna have to have to a.) start buying my clothes at disposable prices or b.) start making a heck of a lot more coin. But what to do about this damn dress?

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