Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Critical Critic

My pal (and colleague) Bruce says I am one tough cookie when it comes to musicians impressing me. Every day a few albums arrive at the office and every day I give each one three songs to impress me (that's why record labels line up all the singles at the start). More often than not I am the one who vetoes the album and sends it to the reject pile never to be heard from again (perhaps I do have a low crap tolerance after all?). After a couple particularly brutal rejects yesterday, I started to wonder when the last time I was really blown away by an album was? I miss that feeling. I'm looking for inspiration here people, so please share the last great album (or song) you loved with me. And I'm not just talking about a pretty good Kings of Leonesque  record, I'm talking about the shivers up your spine, tears in your eyes, awe inspiring kind of good. So enlighten me if you would be so kind.   


  1. Dear ingenue,
    I'm brand new to blogging and have set up a blogspot for myself just yesterday. I've chosen your blog as one to follow. 3 pieces of music I love and which I'm very careful not to 'overlisten' to are the theme music to Chinatown (the movie with jack Nicholson), the theme music to Wuthering Heights (the film with Ralph fiennes and juliette Binoche) and I love Cilla Black singing Alfie! These three meet your criteria - at least, in the effect they have on me!

  2. Hi Ingenue,
    John Mayer's 'Contunuum' rocks my world every time I listen to it - especially 'Slow Dancing in a Burning Room'...if only he would play it in concerts!

  3. Hi Alphacreach,

    I too am pretty new to the whole blogging scene, so thank you very much for taking an interest in my random ramblings on life! I think you are right about soundtracks, there is often a lot of inspiration to be found there and if it is from a film you loved then you likely will have some sort of unconscious reaction to the tunes. I just recently read Wuthering Heights for the first time and really enjoyed it (having a hard time imagining the accompanying score!) so I will check that out for sure and the movie as well (same with Chinatown actually). So thank you for the tips.

    As for you young Gill. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Top 5 Albums for me...but you know that so you're cheating.

    The Ingénue