Monday, June 29, 2009

Let Me Introduce You To........

The Dumbest Bachelorette "in Bachelorette history"! So, I just barely controlled the urge to hurl my laptop across the room when Jillian once again fell for the ridiculous douchery that is Wes. Now, if it was dreamboat Kiptyn pulling this shit (though we all know it never could be) I might understand her idiocy, but it's not. Instead it's the dirty southern drawling, chinless, famewhoring "musician". Dude, maybe if you could write more than one subpar song success would have hit already? In what will now and forever be dubbed "the most ridiculous episode in Bachelorette history" Jillian was once again duped by this Texan tool. I hope to god, for her sake, that the producers are forcing Jill to keep him around. Otherwise, I'm afraid our once beloved Canadian girl just may deserve him. So Jill, hurry up and cut my almost perfect surfer boy Kiptyn loose so he can have his real shot at love with this slightly less gullible Canadian specimen.  

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