Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vancity Vacay

Well, I'm not sure I would call three days of continuous partying a vacation, but it certainly was a trip! I forgot to take my camera out on the first night, but after arriving (first time ever enjoying a flight, executive class is like another world!) Kimbo picked me up at the airport and we headed to Yaletown to see her and D's summer rental and get a bite at the Cactus Club (bellinis and prawn ravioli trio=Heaven). Then it was time to meet up with pops for a fine feast at Gastown favourite Bonita. After dinner it was time to meet up with my beloved pal Carolynne and my VanMag lovelies Christina and Steph at The New Bohemian in Kitsilano (it's my cousin Paul's lounge and it's pretty awesome even without my bias).  We then proceeded to indulge thoroughly in the cocktail list and girly gossip. If you are ever at the NB you must try the Boho Chic, it is like liquid candy, I kid you not. So a fabulous start, but I knew Friday was going to be a busy one so off to bed I went.
Friday started bright and early with Kim picking me up at 9:30 to wisk us to a day of birthday preperations. While she was getting her eyelash extensions put in (yes we are those kind of girls) her future sister-in-law and I Daniella went and scavenged for a coffee and nourishment, or in Daniella's case tea and a scone (clearly English at the core that one). Did a little browse around the Yaletown Beauty Mark and picked up a Stila Lipglaze in grapefruit which I love and then we were off for mani pedi with the rest of Kim's gal pals. Kim is the kind of girl who has a lot of different 
groups of g-friends from all her different exploits in life. I always hear about them, but this was the first time meeting most of them, so it was really nice to put a face to all there names. She seems to be a magnet for good girlfriends in her life, so I can't imagine how big her bridal party is going to have to be when that day comes! Anyways, Kimbo was planning a heck of a birthday fete for that evening, but unfortunately the Mag Awards were also that evening, so I gave her herbirthday champs, got buffed and polished with the ladies, ate a little lunch and had to be on my way to Carolynne's salon, The Colour Box on W. Cordova, for more pre-award preparations.

Had an absolutely great time at the salon, we got a couple of pitchers of White Peach Sangria from The Greedy Pig next door that may have changed my life. I have never tasted such a amazing sangria, not even in Spain, so it inspired me to go out and buy my own Sangria jug when I got back to Calgary to experiment with. 
We were going for a Blake Lively boho-beachy 
look so Car did some great highlights and toning and sauced it all up with waves and a braid crown. The tone of the blonde ended up being perfect and the hair style lasted all weekend so that was GREAT. Don't want to put down my hairstylist here in Calgary, but I guess Car just knows what I like after so many years (we carried a bottle of bleach and a role of tinfoil across Europe to continually lighten my hair!) she just knows the drill instinctively now.

We were running quite a bit behind schedule after all the chatting and sangria, so I had to hop in a cab and make a mad dash for the Mag Awards. It is actually a really fun event even though I was clearly placed at the reject table this year! Got the chance to see my past editors at Western Living and to catch up with my fellow past WL intern Meaghen Ng.  Hadn't seen the Ngster in quite a while so it was great to get together and live it up a little (we both have a penchant for sparkling wine). Swerve had quite a bit of success at the awards and it was really nice to be there as the Boss Lady received her lifetime achievement award. She really has accomplished so much in her young life, but the honour should've been dubbed outstanding achievement rather than lifetime in her case, as I'm sure the best is still yet to come. 

Just took it easy on Saturday, sleeping and preparing energy reserves for the evening. Was really excited to have dinner at my favourite restaurant in the world Chambar with Kevin, Stephen and Carolynne. We had a really great meal and a really great time talking and laughing. We get a little carried away with our laughing so
 I wouldn't be surprised if we caused a bit of a scene with our antics surrounding a particular busboy whose rump could have cracked walnuts— I'm pretty sure he knew all four of us were scoping him out. 

Kevin was feeling a bit under the weather, so after we had a few crazy shots at Revel lounge he ducked out and Seb, Car and I headed to the Balarney Stone to meet up with Richy and the boys. I had foolishly worn my Michael Kors heels and we ended up standing in a bit of a line (I HATE standing in lines!) so by the time we got in there I was in a bit of a mood. I was just going to duck out with Carolynne, but thank the lord she donated her flip flops to my cause and Richy convinced me to suck it up and have fun. All in all it turned out to be a great time and it was so nice to hang with my boys again, apparently we had missed each other. By the time Rich and I left Mikey's place to go home the sun was rising and the birds were chirping....pretty common place for a night out with them actually.  

Spent Sunday hanging out with mom and visiting with Auntie Bev and Uncle Mark and then it was time to head back to C-Town and get back to work. I would love to say every weekend was so much fun, but it's simply not the case. I'm presently detoxing for another 6 days when Mikey and Rich will arrive for another crazy weekend (Stampede Baby!) It's hard to imagine, but next weekend could be even more ridiculous than the the very least the photos will have a strong western theme. Can't wait to party with my boys again, it is going to be a very good summer if all our adventures go as planned.


  1. white peach sangria?? that sounds delicious!

  2. More than delicious, it will change your life!

  3. Isn't life so much better when i tell you to enjoy yourself!!

    Nice pictures by the way, i'm sure you could have posted some less than flattering ones i thank you for that. it was a good night indeed!

  4. Life is so much better when I just wear flip-flops. No more slaving to fashion on club nights that's for sure...hopefully the cowboy boots won't be a problem this weekend!

    It's true though, when you guilt trip me into being happy life is all the more sweet. Copious shots don't hurt either!